Dramatically reducing queues at the end of the tax year

Our campaign for the Kenya Revenue Authority led 312% more Kenyans to file their taxes online, dramatically reducing queues at the end of the tax year.

At the end of each tax year, thousands of Kenyans stood in long queues to file their tax returns – a productivity drain and a frustrating citizen experience.

The Kenya Revenue Authority launched iTax, an online tax payments system. But for iTax to be truly transformational, Kenyans needed to use it. This required a shift in citizen behaviour on a massive scale.

OgilvyAfrica ran an integrated communication campaign to convince Kenyans to pay their taxes online and on time. The campaign used local slang and humour – a play on Kenyans’ famous ‘last-minute’ culture – to grab attention and prompt action. The campaign used outdoor advertising, print, radio, social media and activation in streets and malls.

The result was a 312% increase in users registered on iTax, 1 trillion Kenyan Shillings (USD 9 billion) in taxes collected, and nearly 2 million fewer people queuing to file their tax returns.




At each stage in the journey of digital transformation we see governments becoming more sophisticated in how they seek to engage with their citizens online and a growing sense of ambition. Digital public services will use communication and marketing techniques to cut costs whilst improving outcomes. This report describes the four key transitions to reach me.gov and offers guidance on how to achieve them.

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