A smart concierge for Singapore's government services

We increased usage of Singapore’s eCitizen app by 70% by turning it into a genuinely citizen-centric ‘concierge’ for government services.

The eCitizen portal is an online guide to the services of Singapore government agencies. But it was not meeting users' needs – content was difficult to understand, citizens had to visit multiple sites to piece together information, and eCitizen was duplicating content on government websites.

Comwerks analysed datasets and used qualitative research to discover what citizens really wanted. They then revitalized the eCitizen app, making it a truly useful 'smart concierge' for Singaporeans to access government services.

eCitizen now ranks in the top 5 search results for the most popular government-related search terms. Traffic on eCitizen increased 65% within 12 months, the success rate of searches tripled (meaning fewer frustrated users) and there was a 70% increase in page views.

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said of the portal:
We must start with the information and services that customers want, and place what they want at the heart of our communications.


At each stage in the journey of digital transformation we see governments becoming more sophisticated in how they seek to engage with their citizens online and a growing sense of ambition. Digital public services will use communication and marketing techniques to cut costs whilst improving outcomes. This report describes the four key transitions to reach me.gov and offers guidance on how to achieve them.

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