Public Sector Recruitment

Our programmes ensure that public sector organisations have the people and skills needed to serve the public effectively.

Public sector organisations often recruit in a competitive job market, particularly for highly skilled roles. Their challenge is to position themselves as attractive employers, offering candidates opportunities to develop their careers whilst contributing to society.

We work with public sector organisations on marketing recruitment programmes to address major public sector skills needs. We use deep insights to understand what drives potential candidates and highly creative solutions to engage them.

What we do:

−    Deeper insight on how public service careers and employers are perceived by potential candidates

−    The use of creativity, behavioural science, data and analytics to reach and engage candidates

−    Efficient relationship management and targeting techniques

−    Continual evaluation of the impact of our campaigns to understand and improve return on investment


Shaping the public sector workforce of the future

Shaping the public sector workforce of the future

In this report, the WPP Government & Public Sector Practice outlines how communication can best support public sector recruitment in this changing environment. WPP agencies answer questions posed by leading public sector communicators, from a range of countries, on key issues including recruiting for diversity, use of social media and employer branding.

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