Place Marketing

We help states, regions and cities to engage with international audiences to attract trade, investment and tourism for economic growth.

In a globalised world, the international brand or reputation of a place is an important asset. A strong brand can drive investment, export and tourism, as well as cultural and political influence. Places increasingly use marketing – including branding - to influence and engage their global audiences. 

We run place marketing programmes for states, regions, cities and tourism and investment promotion organisations.

What we do:

- Improving the international reputation or brand of a place through advocacy, events and media relations

- Increasing tourist and visitor numbers through effective integrated marketing campaigns

- Attracting foreign direct investment by engaging potential investors with a compelling proposition

- Using platforms such as hosting major sporting competitions to position a place on the world stage


The Leaders' Report

The Leaders' Report

Spanning over 40 countries, The Leaders' Report is the first comprehensive review into what government and public sector communications leaders around the world are thinking, planning and concerned about. The research explores current and future challenges, what communication leaders are doing to prepare and where communications strategy is most effective in delivering on objectives.

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