The new world of partnership branding

Public-private partnerships are set to grow - what does this mean from a brand point of view?

In this article

We explore different types of brand partnership and offer guidelines for success.

Private sector brands can play five key roles in partnership with the public sector:

  1. Replacing the voice of government
  2. Providing a public service at no cost to the taxpayer
  3. Harnessing the power of the private sector to effect behaviour and social change on a global scale
  4. Philanthropic partnerships to deliver public policy objectives
  5. Data sharing partnerships
We explore what these partnerships mean for public sector organisations - who to partner with and how to make the partnership successful? Drawing on best practice from public and private sectors, we offer some guidelines for best practice partnership branding.

About the author

Terry is founder of Brand Union, one of the world's leading brand consultancies. Originally trained as a graphic designer, Terry has 35 years experience creating and managing global brands.

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