Launching The Leaders' Report 2019

Launching The Leaders’ Report: Increasing Trust through citizen engagement


Tuesday 26 March 2019 08.00 - 10.00


The Arena @ Ogilvy Singapore
71 Robinson Road - 7th Floor
Singapore 068895
In a time of growing geopolitical disorder, increased economic pressure, and technological disruption, how can governments better innovate and connect with citizens in an increasingly polarised world?

Based on research in 50 countries, including Canada, the second edition of The Leaders’ Report turns its attention to the challenge of increasing trust through citizen engagement. The report looks at why governments are struggling to build meaningful relationships with those they govern, recommends how they can transform strategies, and identifies 10 key drivers that may help solve one of the most pressing social challenges of our era.

We have gathered together global best practice and strategic guidelines on how governments can deliver better citizen engagement and ultimately enrich the citizen-state relationship.  We look forward to sharing them with you when present the results of the latest edition of The Leaders’ Report. Join us and the report's author, Sean Larkins, to discuss key findings from the first global study into the future of government communications.