What it means to be human

Audience Lunch #2


Tuesday 05 April 2016 12.00 - 14.00


6 More London Place
London SE1 2QY

The theme of "being human" explores the impact of data, content and technology on humanity itself – surfacing huge challenges and opportunities for organisations hoping to meaningfully connect with people. In an era dominated by talk of big data, algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we need to remember that they are only of any value if they are used to create positive and valuable experiences for people.  

Join us to hear about the seven key trends that emerged from Mindshare’s huddle event where over 1500 people from client, tech, culture and media companies gathered to discuss, share and debate. We asked everyone to debate one question: in this digital age, what does it really mean to be human?

In this audience lunch session Mindshare will discuss how these seven key trends might shape UK citizens’ lives and the implications this has for government communications.