Behaviour Change

Our programmes drive long-term, sustainable changes in citizen behaviour that reduce demand for public services.

Governments today face challenges that cannot be solved through the traditional policy levers of taxation, legislation and regulation alone. They require large-scale, long-term changes in behaviour that are achieved by governments working in partnership with citizens and communities.

Communication is key to behaviour change. We work with governments worldwide on programmes that achieve policy goals by changing behaviour.

What we do:

-    Increasing wellbeing by helping citizens to lead healthier, more productive lives

-    Achieving long-term savings by reducing demand for public services

-    Improving the efficiency of public services by shifting citizens towards digital and self-service channels

-    Increasing engagement and trust between citizens and states

Our Approach

WPP agencies have worked with many governments worldwide to develop an integrated communication model across a wide range of policy areas and contexts. We have drawn on this experience, as well as industry best practice, to develop an integrated behaviour change communication model. By using the model, government clients and their agencies can maximise the chances of a communication campaign successfully driving long-term, sustainable behaviour change.

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Integrated Communication Campaigns

Integrated Communication Campaigns

A practical guide for practitioners is organised around the WPP Government & Public Sector Practice model of integrated communication. After reading this report, you should understand the cycle of an integrated communication campaign, how to structure and manage an effective multidisciplinary team of experts, how to set behavioural objectives and how to measure progress against them.

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