Towards Smart Nation: personalisation in practice

The future of citizen engagement


Monday 09 May 2016 15.00 - 18.00
(Registration opens at 15:00, Session starts at 15:30)


50 Scotts Road
Singapore 228242
At the heart of Singapore's Smart Nation vision is an "anticipatory government that utilises technology to better serve citizens’ needs". In this session, we will explore what that means for the way government communicates and engages with citizens and residents.

One of the key transformations is personalisation. As consumers, citizens increasingly expect personalised experiences when they interact with brands and businesses. This session will focus on the opportunities of personalisation for the government in Singapore.

Experts from WPP agencies will share the latest personalisation technology, how it is being used in the private sector, and opportunities to apply it to policy challenges. We will touch on programmatic media, eCRM, adaptive content, artificial intelligence and more.

This session is for those working on communication, digital services and citizen engagement in the Singapore government.